Dr. Frank Ambrosio, DC

Frank Ambrosio Chiropractor

Dr. Frank Ambrosio, DC

St Petersburgh Chiropractor, Dr. Frank Ambrosio, is a Structural Chiropractor at Spinal Correction Centers. He believes that chiropractic care can improve ability, balance, power and kinesthetic perception. He helps restore the proper function of the body to a wide range of patients from athletes to people who suffer from chronic and temporary pain.

How Dr. Ambrosio became the St. Pete Chiropractor for Spinal Correction Centers

Dr. Ambrosio received his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. He previously received his BA from George Washington University, In Washington D.C. Dr. Ambrosio utilizes the most up to date methods to treat and give lasting relief from aches and pains. This includes but is not limited to:

  • neck pain
  • headaches
  • low back pain
  • sciatica
  • disc syndromes
  • ankle pain
  • knee pain
  • carpal tunnel syndrome

After just 5 years in practice, Dr. Ambrosio, DC is the Structural Chiropractor for the St. Pete location of Spinal Correction Centers.

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