Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic therapy is considered to be a safe method of prenatal care. The treatment is focused on pain relief during the pregnancy and facilitation of uncomplicated labor and delivery.

The ultimate goal is to assure the future mother’s comfort, thus assuring proper development of the baby.

Back Pain During Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery

The main cause of back pain during pregnancy is uneven distribution of weight. As the fetus develops and grows, as much as 35 pounds of surplus weight is added and may temporarily shift the position of the spine, pelvis, rectum and bladder. As a result, muscle spasms may occur, leading to temporary but severe discomfort. Direct pressure of the fetus is typically the main reason for loss of static support, and leads to pain throughout the duration of pregnancy. Conditions typically worsen as the baby matures further.

As the pregnancy progresses, a mother’s center of gravity changes and creates additional pressure on hips and legs, causing lack of balance and stretching of the adjoining muscles. The growing uterus also expands the abdominal area, causing muscle spasms. The size of her breasts increases as the lactating process begins, typically in third trimester. Many pregnant women start to experience extreme headaches as their body compensates for the laxity. Nausea and indigestion often accompany this stage of pregnancy.

In efforts to stabilize the skeletal and muscular structures, chiropractic practitioners offer pain-relieving techniques which are often continued post-partum until the patient regains her full functions. Previous back injuries may also play a major role in the level of discomfort, and are always taken into consideration while continuing chiropractic therapy.

Over 84 percent of studied cases reported relief from various forms of pain because of chiropractic manipulation. Literature shows that women who receive prenatal chiropractic care report shorter labor time and easier delivery. This area of study is being continuously researched and improved, and many OBGYN practitioners frequently combine their prenatal treatment with the therapy provided by reputable chiropractors. Evidence also shows that women who exercise during the pregnancy are able to maintain their energy levels, require less medical interventions, and recover faster.

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Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Care

In addition, numerous chiropractic techniques can be implemented to relive nausea and minimize the possibility of a C-section during delivery. An overall feeling of well being greatly relives stress imposed by pregnancy, and, through therapeutic methods of treatment, patients greatly benefit from the soothing effects.

As many women suffer from back pain during their pregnancy, the musculoskeletal symptoms can be adjusted by using various methods of relief. Regular chiropractic care gradually restores the alignment of the spine and pelvis, resulting in proper balance and posture. As the nervous system is stimulated, it effectively energizes reproductive organs while supporting the needs of the baby.

Over 50 percent of women suffer from back pain during their pregnancy, and as much as 75 percent during the labor. Prenatal care administered by a trained professional can significantly reduce these numbers by providing continuous prenatal chiropractic care and awareness of available methods of therapy.

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