Spinal Decompression

Dr. Stephen Steller at the Spinal Correction Centers is a chiropractor who is a force to be reckoned with. He has over 20 years of experience providing spinal decompression treatments and other chiropractic interventions. We are available at several convenient locations, including Dunedin, Largo, St. Petersburg, and Riverview, FL.

What Is Spinal Decompression?

Spinal decompression is a traction therapy that stretches the spine using manual manipulations and a motorized traction table to stretch the spine and relieve lumbar back pain and pain in the lower extremities. It works by creating a negative pressure between the discs of the spine. It is a particularly useful tool if you are suffering from a herniated or slipped disc because it helps to bring everything back into alignment so that the body’s intrinsic healing processes can begin.

When Should You Consider Spinal Decompression?

If you suffer from back pain due to a herniated or slipped disc, you should strongly consider spinal decompression after a complete evaluation. An evaluation is required because spinal decompression is not always suitable for every patient. Spinal decompression is also an excellent choice for patients with a pinched nerve, sciatica, or spinal stenosis.

What Are the Benefits of Spinal Decompression?

Dr. Steller at the Spinal Correction Centers serving the Dunedin, Largo, St. Petersburg, and Riverview, FL areas will tell you that spinal decompression therapy, when used correctly, has several benefits. It provides much-needed pain relief and improves your range of motion and ability to move freely. It reduces your need for over-the-counter medications to relieve your pain and improves your overall quality of life.

Our Chiropractic Services

In addition to spinal decompression therapy, we also offer the following chiropractic services:

  • Spinal adjustments and manipulations
  • Massage therapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Electrical stimulation therapy
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Therapeutic ultrasound
  • Prenatal chiropractic care

Whether you need preventative chiropractic care, care for general chiropractic complaints, or intervention due to a sport, personal, or auto injury, we can provide a customized treatment plan that will help get you back to optimal health.

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If you need spinal decompression in Dunedin, Largo, St. Petersburg, or Riverview, FL, look no further than Dr. Steller and his team at the Spinal Correction Centers. For an appointment at one of our convenient locations, please call 727-734-7611, 727-587-6667, 727-520-1818, or 813-540-7270 today.

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