Why Do I Feel So Dizzy All the Time?

Balance is a critical part of doing basic things, like standing, walking, running, and everything we do upright. From the moment we start getting up on our feet and learning to walk as babies, we rely on a complex system inside our bodies that allow us to maintain equilibrium. 


Walking and looking around as we do requires coordination from your vestibular system (a function of the inner ear), input from your eyes, motor output from your muscles, joints, and sensory integration.


Occasionally, we deal with problems that affect our balance, such as dizziness, which can be jarring when it happens. Around 40% of adults over 40 experience dizziness at least once, but if you’re dealing with it regularly, what could it be, and what does it mean for your health? To try and answer these questions, let’s examine the common causes of dizziness and the reasons you may experience it persistently.


Drs.Stephen Steller, Ryan Garcia, Justin Murray, and the team at Spinal Correction Centers can get you the help you need if you’re having balance problems, including dizziness.


Common causes of dizziness


This condition is a form of spatial disorientation that most describe as a feeling of lightheadedness, faintness, wooziness, or confusion. Acute cases of dizziness can occur due to basic things like spinning around too quickly, moving too fast or getting involved in high-intensity activities. Other common causes include:

  • Anxiety/stress: If you get stressed out to the point of hyperventilating, it can lead to dizziness
  • Dehydration: Severe dehydration means you’re lacking vital fluids, and your dizziness is a way your body responds
  • Hypoglycemia: Low blood sugar can lead to fatigue, sudden dizziness, and confusion
  • Motion sickness: Repetitive motion while in a car, boat, plane, or another vehicle can cause this problem, which disrupts your inner ear structure
  • Medications: Blood pressure medications can sometimes cause dizziness

Reasons for chronic dizziness


Several conditions can lead to dealing with this balance problem more frequently, such as:


Vestibular neuritis


A condition affecting the vestibulocochlear nerve in your inner ear, it can cause sudden balance problems like dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.


Persistent postural perceptual dizziness (PPPD)


Triggered by your environment or social stimuli, like big crowds, this balance disorder causes varying forms of not being steady.


Inner ear infections


Viral or bacterial infections and inner ear inflammation can cause numerous problems with balance as they can confuse the signals transmitted to your brain.




This condition results from a deficit of red blood cells, and dizziness is a common symptom.




Head injuries can lead to problems with balance and cognition, with dizziness being a common sign.


Cardiovascular conditions


Anything that affects blood flow to the brain, like hypotension, atherosclerosis, or atrial fibrillation, can cause balance problems.


We can help treat several causes of dizziness using various methods, including treatments for ear infections and chiropractic adjustments that can help with specific problems causing this and vertigo, a similar balance problem with different issues. 


So, if you’re struggling with balance problems, make an appointment with Drs. Steller, Garcia, Murray, and the team at Spinal Corrections Centers today by calling us or using our online booking feature to get the help you need at one of our offices in Dunedin, Largo, Riverview, or St. Petersburg, Florida.

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